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''You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.'' - Plato

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Your Reaction When Someone Calls You Late At Night by MrAngryDog
Your Reaction When Someone Calls You Late At Night
It just pisses me off when someone calls me during the late hours of the night to chat... and asking me "what'cha doin'?" Um, I WAS SLEEPING, THANK YOU!! :facepalm:

Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger (c) Nightmare on Elm Street franchise
If anyone of you have seen your share of kick-ass martial arts movies, action movies, and Japanese horror movies, you have seen Dāku No Kyōfu (English translation: Fear of the Dark). It is like a collection of every Jackie Chan, Steven Seagal, Danny Trejo, Bruce Lee, Wes Craven, and Rob Zombie horror film rolled into one. It was "Expendables" and "Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky" meets "Last House on the Left". It was a horrifically gory, kick-ass Action/Horror movie. It received rave reviews and praised by audiences, horror movie buffs, and gore hounds alike. When the movie first came to theaters in 2014, cinemas were packed to the brim. Men, women, teens, you name it. You always looked forward to many scenes of gratuitous blood shed and gore, fight scenes for the guys, strong sex scenes for couples, and many terrifying moments that adrenaline junkies always looked forward to.

While "Fear of the Dark" was the most talked-about action/horror film there was, and even being praised by critics, there was a reason why deleted scenes were restored and presented in the Unrated Director's Cut with bonus features at the end including an epic alternate ending, and the bonus ending was cut out one the film was released to DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital Copy...

The bonus ending was too nightmarish and shocking for anyone to handle... And by "shocking," not like Lucio Fulci's "City of the Living Dead" shocking, but just... utterly shocking. Almost like the footage was taken from the deep web and added into the film after editing. The bonus ending that was cut from the movie. Didn't feature any of the actors listed in the film: Jet-Li, Jackie Chan, Danny Trejo, Bruce Locke, Fellisa Rose, Lucy Liu, Udo Kier, Jennifer Lawerence, Laurence Fishburne, Samuel L. Jackson, Yoko Maki, and Hugh Jackman. Felisa Rose was cast as the lead villain Emiko Fujimoto aka Maddoenjeru (Mad Angel). Despite her being American, Felisa played the part of a Japanese woman flawlessly.

Now, getting to the bonus ending. After the blue screen showing the "This Film Has Been Rated R" title, it faded into what looked like a Silent Hill-type house. It wasn't filmed in Tokyo as you would expect in the movie. No, this was in an unknown location in the United States. The house looked like everything was intact, some of the rooms were very pristine despite the foundation looking like a total shit-hole through out. Nobody was there. Not a soul. There was no sign of life. So from this point of view, this house was tucked away in the countryside. I was hoping that this was a movie set and Felisa Rose was giving a very chilling performance in this bonus ending, and then cut to some blooper reels and see camera and production crew... but no. This looked like it was filmed in someone's house and not a Hollywood backdrop or a villa in Japan. This was... different. The camera cuts to what looks like Maddoenjeru, but not the same actor playing her. This wasn't Felisa Rose, but rather, a teen girl. Fog was drifting through her room, and the production quality looked the same as the british version of Duck and Cover's "Protect and Survive" nuclear fallout survival training film. Whoever was filming this was doing a very shitty job, or maybe this was a fan-made scene added by the director... It wasn't.

The Japanese teen girl who looked like Rose's character was seen wearing what looked like a very colorful pair of pajamas with oriental flower patterns giving off a very beautiful mixture of blue, pink, purple, bright green, and orange. Her eyes were closed, so it looked like she was half-asleep or was preparing to give a good jump scare. I was a bit nervous, though when you work with actors and production crew on horror films, you get use to this, but... something about this didn't look right. The fog was real, but the all-too-perfect pale white ghoulish skin of this girl looked too real to be done by a makeup artist of such expertise. The girl was heard breathing softly, her eyes were closed for a good half a minute. There was no music, no sound effects by foley artists added, it was dead silent, except for wind whispering. The girl then opened her eyes and looked at the camera. I was expecting to see sclera eyes or something really freakish like out of One Missed Call (the Japanese version), but... what I saw made my stomach freeze over with fear and my heart jump into my throat. There were NO EYES! THE GIRL DIDN'T HAVE ANY EYES! For the first several minutes, she was making animalistic growling, hissing, and screeching, and groaning which seemed to drop to bass. Then, as she began to breath heavily, looking like she was ready to attack whoever was filming her, she said:


English translation:

You will no longer be safe in the dark. The fear is real. You saw me... And now you're going to have nightmares for the rest of your life!

Me and the film editors couldn't believe what we saw. There was a good reason why this bonus ending was cut from the movie and never shown in theaters or featured on DVD and Blu-Ray. This girl-- this--this creature... This ghoul. Was she somehow an actor in the original Japanese version of "Fear of the Dark" killed on set? If so, she was going to give anyone who saw the deleted ending nightmares for the rest of their lives.
Creepypasta: Daku No Kyofu (Fear of the Dark)
There is a good reason why the bonus ending of Dāku No Kyōfu (Fear of the Dark) was cut from the U.S. release...
They say some horror films will give you nightmares for a week, but what about one whose ending will give you nightmares for the rest of your life? o.O
While watching Lady Lovely Locks...

Play video below to get his response... XD

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Went to Asheboro Hospital today to get an ultrasound at the request of my doctor to make sure nothing has changed. The examiner didn't find nothing wrong, no changes in my liver enzymes, my gallbladder hasn't contracted... I am getting so sick of having to go through this crap with my doctor. I understand she is in her 20s and is just an intern, but still, SOMEONE SHOULD TELL YOU TO FAST THE NIGHT BEFORE! It's like having a doctor from Clueless for God's sake! I'm not mad at the mistake she made, but still! I have never been so drained in my life... :facepalm:
  • Mood: Tired
I'm gonna go ahead and hit the sack... :sleep:
Talk to you all tomorrow. :meow:
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The Big Angry F'n Dog
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United States

Radiation Symbol v3 by PolishXCII

:bulletblue: Images that I design...

:bulletblue: Violent/Gory
:bulletblue: Horror-Related
:bulletblue: War
:bulletblue: History/Alternate History
:bulletblue: Children's
:bulletblue: Jane the Killer-related
:bulletblue: Creepypasta-related
:bulletblue: Movie Posters
:bulletblue: Heavy Metal-Related
:bulletblue: Fantasy
:bulletblue: and much more... ;)

Killing Floor v6 by PolishXCII

:bulletblue: The following related images I won't design...

Justin Bieber
Britney Spears
Big Time Rush
The Jonas Brothers
Miley Cyrus
Kanye West
Designs that are overly-cutesy
Bubble Gum Pop Trash
You marrying Jeff the Killer or Slenderman

Please Stand By...

Test Pattern Stamp by Jhas777Too Young Stamp by eIat10s


I'm An Ash Addict by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm Feeling Hostel by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm An Urban Legend Believer by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm Dreaming OF A Black X-Mas by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm A Phantasm Fanatic by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm A Maniac Cop Server by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm Psycho For Norman by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm A Scanner by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm Mad For MadMan by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm A Puppet Master by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm A Stranger by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm Sweet On Candyman by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm A Terror Train Traveller by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm In Love With It by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm A Re-animator Raver by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm Santa's Slayer by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm A Hellraiser Oholic by PsychoSlaughtermanI'm A Michael Maniac by PsychoSlaughterman

The Purge Stamp by corviidsHorror Movie Rules by DaakukitsuneI Support Horror stamp by the-emo-detectiveI love Horror moives by ohhperttylightsHorror Stamp by sequelleFreddy Krueger by lonelycrow...Halloween Stamp... by asdfgfunkyBiohazard Stamp by SinMisericordia21Radioactive stamp by KradionSkull Stamp by Wearwolfaa

My fascination with serial killers and criminals...

Blood Countess - Stamp by LunnarEclipseJeffrey Dahmer Stamp by SoiledSocksSerial Killers by Scarecrow--StampsJack the Ripper by Scarecrow--StampsCrime Scene stamp by sandwedge

My favorite sodas... Pretty refreshing stamps... :meow:

Coca Cola Drinker by JavierZhXPepsi Stamp by KaiodaDragonRoot Beer Stamp by StampsandcrapMountain Dew Stamp by pillze69Dr Pepper Stamp by pillze69Slam One (It Worked!) Faygo by lollirotfestSunkist Soft Drink Stamp by dA--bogeyman7 Up love stamp by rainbeos

Join me for a drink, won't you? B-)

I Drink Absinthe by beanartsBeer: Budweiser - 01 by TheStampKingBeer: Bud Light - 01 by TheStampKingBeer: Coors Light- 01 by TheStampKingBeer: Tecate - 01 by TheStampKingBeer: Smirnoff Ice by TheStampKingBeer: Rolling Rock by TheStampKingBeer: Miller High Life by TheStampKingBeer: Michelob Ultra - 01 by TheStampKingJack Daniels Stamp. by ElijahSnowLogo: Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 by TheStampKingjager-stamp by Cyber-SlaveWhite Russian Cocktail Stamp by MyStampsBeer Drinker. by PhysicalMagicWine Drinker. by PhysicalMagicGirly Drinks Stamp by rustyrayz

:headbang: What I rock out to!!! :headbang:

Heavy Metal Stamp by GilfordArtBehemoth Stamp by ScarsOfFreedomCannibal Corpse by old-mc-donaldCarpathian Forest stamp 2 by lapis-lazuriCradle Of Filth Stamp by helly7307Dethklok stamp by Ravenfire5Gorgoroth stamp by Metalelf0Iron Maiden Metal Stamp 6 by dA--bogeymanMorbid Angel by old-mc-donaldMayhem by old-mc-donaldSlayer by old-mc-donaldSteel Panther stamp by starchild-rocksType O Negative by 12memoriesVenom Stamp by old-mc-donald

The foods I love...

Pizza Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxI love junk food stamp by JAYSMILES23Shrimp by CatykinsChinese Food Love stamp by Optimism-Is-WeaknessI Love Mexican Food Stamp by Mirz123Steak Barbecue Stamp by Weapons-Expert-CoolDRINK THIS STEAK SAUCE by Powerwing-AmberI Love Chili Dogs by NorthboundFoxI Love Ice Cream by hollsDoritos Stamp by XxAcGXx, my favorite fast food places ;)

Kentucky Fried Chicken Stamp 2 by dA--bogeymanWendy's Stamp 1 by dA--bogeymanBojangles' Chicken Stamp by dA--bogeymanSonic Stamp by Hotd318Taco Bell : D by Dancing-Queen-Yuki

Besides doing designs and writing...

Horror writer stamp by Aki-san24Chef Stamp by hiparI Love Cooking Stamp by Mirz123Cooking is Art Stamp by yanagi-san

The things I hate!

Justin Bieber Stamp by anastasia-blackI Hate Britney Spears Stamp by MrAngryDogStamp: I HATE CATS by Pagu-chanI Hate Teeny Boppers Stamp by ChristinaLenhauser-Stamp- Anti-WBC by DeadlyHonestStamp: Hate teen parents by Riza-IzumiAnti American Idol by StarDragon77Proud Twilight hater stamp. by Little-Shad0w'Hating Twilight' Stamp by sammipaSick of Haters Stamp by MyStamps:thumb309358492:Stamp: Teen Pregnancy... by ShadowStarEXE(Request) Anti Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Stamp by SoraRoyals77Semi-Anti-Twilight by et-hem

My support...

I support erotic art stamp by deviantStamps:thumb150680316:Hitting The Block Button Redo by GreedLinAnti Trolls Stamp by sonic2344Stamp: vigilante justice by DGMclainBreast Cancer Awareness Stamp by trystianity

Sometimes, I just don't care...

Don't give a shit.. by LostKittenUnable to Care Stamp by SparklyDestYou Think I Care Stamp by bizarrostampsCare stamp by DaythaBAWWW UR OPINION IS OFFENSIVE!! I REPORTED U!!1 by World-Hero21MJ stamp by ARTic-Weather

Me, in a nutshell...

Explosive Stamp by Melody-ChaosCertified-Lunatic Stamp by JuriyaShohProud to be Tall by creamy-mochaProud to be Italian by WearwolfaaLong hair by GogelmogelI sleep with a fan on by NaginaniNice to Me Stamp by Mirz123I'm Starving Buy My Prints by tynanaStamp : Be nice or shut up by CrysthalNot A Nice Guy Stamp by MrAngryDogE-Cigarette User Stamp by LDFranklinFamily Love :Stamp: by LauNachtyrFriends are family by zaz14ispottermadMovie Lover Stamp by PixieDust01stamp - POPULARITYohnoez by eternalsaturnNight Worker by mauro-goncalo

Mature Content

Quit your bitching by NewtonianNocturn

Mature Content

Pro-life stamp by Ramen27
over 18 by zomestampStamp: Silence is Golden by ChibiZexion-VIAnti-Blocking Stamp by In-The-ZoneCoffee Lovers Stamp by coffee-loversNote Stamp by SoVeryUnofficial

Favorite shows...

Stamp: The Amazing World of Gumball. by CatthyloveHell's Kitchen Stamp by KrisderpKitchen Nightmares - Stamp by BreakingSasukeTwilight Zone by RalfMaximusAnother Stamp: Three Stooges by NotSoFluent

The things I love...

I love cute things Stamp by aries95aClint Eastwood Western stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria

My faith... :pray:

Not ashamed to be Christian by sugarpoultry

These are the animals I love!

I love Black Panthers by WishmasterAlchemistLove Lions Stamp 2 by HavickArtStamp - Dog Lover by MauserGirl

Yes, I am a gamerholic... ;)

xBox by Jessica-CorrinNintendo Stamp by Tripp-X-FoxxNintendo Fan Stamp by DigitalFlareonHitman Stamp by sassyhelkatViolent Video Games Stamp by KingGiantessI'm a Gamer by TheMan268MK9 Stamp by foreverastoneTANK Stamp by ColonelCheruStamp - L4D - Hunter by NocturnalKittenStamp - L4D - Witch by NocturnalKitten

I am the official creator of Jane Richardson aka Jane the Killer!

Jane The Killer Stamp by JosiahNugent

Cleaning in Progress... Sorry about the mess!

Again, I am in no way affiliated with the Third Reich... :facepalm:

Not a Nazi. by InanityEmpireYum yum nazi uniforms by Aniki-Yao-Wang

My favorite ladies in cartoon...

Lois Griffin by JtDanielMeg Griffin by JtDanielNicole Watterson stamp by TheRealAriettaMarge Simpson Stamp by Mintaka-TKLola Bunny Stamp by pEnELoPe3sixJessie stamp by SA948-StampsJessica Rabbit Stamp by SuperMarcosLucky96I Love Daphne Blake Stamp by VinIsBackLeela by FUTURElephants

My favorite Looney Toons!

Wile E. Coyote Stamp by pEnELoPe3sixTweety Bird Stamp by pEnELoPe3sixFoghorn Leghorn Stamp by pEnELoPe3sixPepe le Pew Stamp by pEnELoPe3sixPorky Pig Stamp by pEnELoPe3sixBugs Bunny Stamp by pEnELoPe3sixDaffy Duck Stamp by pEnELoPe3sixSylvester Cat Stamp by pEnELoPe3sixRoad Runner Stamp by pEnELoPe3six

Stamps made by Yours Truly...


Muhammad Ali Stamp by MrAngryDogEvander Holyfield Stamp by MrAngryDogGeorge Foreman Stamp by MrAngryDogSugar Ray Leonard Stamp by MrAngryDogJoe Louis Stamp by MrAngryDogJoe Frazier Stamp by MrAngryDog


Meet my wolf pack!

:iconcherriesjubilee::iconuchihaitsumi::icontheevildescending::icontheskittles22::iconladybuglet::iconkatrincess::iconcrazygamerchix::iconhelen-rubith::iconxdemiseemogirlx::iconsamiluvscandy::iconcreepypastasaint::iconredrumkilla::iconnecromastersyl::iconsamanthawolfox::iconstrawberrychocolate1::icondawnofaneweracos::iconsweetiecaramel::iconchaoaangelmoon::iconfataltobelucky13::iconcageyshick05: :iconstrawberry-skittles: :iconauroraart::icontrinitydestroyer161::icontechnounicorn::icong-mutrix::iconwella97::icontoetag001::iconfurbearingbrick::iconxtoy-bonniex::icondarkangelpuppet01::iconalleycatakuma::iconepicgamercat::iconchibipikagirl::iconmistress-lovely::icontotallydeviantlisa::iconamu-amateur::iconshadowwolf133:

If you want to become part of the pack, note me! :D

I specialize in all designs known to man. Computer graphics (CGI), Pencil art, Painting, and much more. When I make a composite image from another photograph or other image I find off of Google, Yahoo, Jupiter Images, Getty-images, or where ever it might be, just know one thing: I don't have any intention of stealing your photograph or whatever you might have and say it's my own, I only use it in my imagery to make a composite or abstract because you take a good picture. So if you come crying to me thinking that I supposedly stole one of your images or you delete one of my designs because of so-called "copyright infringement", I will block your ass. So STFU, and get the pole out of your ass! With that out of the way, enjoy my gallery, kick your feet up, and stay a while... :)

Current Residence: The Backyard
deviantWEAR sizing preference: XXXL, X-tra Tall, X-tra Long
Occupation (other than graphics artist): Chef
Favourite genre of music: Metal
Favourite photographer: My mother
Favorite artist: Too long to list... ;)
Favourite style of art: Anything I can come up with.
Operating System: Windows 8
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Favorite Beer: Colt .45, King Cobra, Olde English 800, Budweiser, Miller Light
Favorite Whiskey: Ancient Age Kentucky Bourbon, Vladimir Vodka
Favorite Soda: Eh, I'm not really picky. ;)
Wallpaper of choice: Anything relaxing... :)
Favourite cartoon character: Meg Griffin, Leela (from Futurama), Ike Broflovski (I love that little fella ^_^), Sgt. Ju-Du (The Inspector), Francine Smith, Squidward Tentacles
Personal Quote: Be thankful and grateful for the talents God gave you... I know I am. :)


Grindhouse Posters

:iconmrangrydog::iconsaysplz: If you like a no-bs poster that will kick the teeth down your throat, you came to the right place!

Grindhouse films characteristically contain large amounts of sex, violence or bizarre subject matter. One genre of film featured were "roughies" or 
sexploitation, a mix of sex, violence and sadism. Quality varied, but low budget production values and poor print quality were common. Critical opinions varied regarding typical grindhouse fare, but many films acquired cult following and critical praise. Double, triple, and "all night" bills on a single admission charge often encouraged patrons to spend long periods of time in the theaters. The milieu was largely and faithfully captured at the time by the magazine Sleazoid Express.*

Horror & Macabre
To the delight of horror fans everywhere, and something to chill the viewer to the bone... This is what a truly terrifying commission is all about! :D
While watching Lady Lovely Locks...

Play video below to get his response... XD

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