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Scanner Girls Movie Poster by MrAngryDog Scanner Girls Movie Poster by MrAngryDog
These ladies are to die for... They'll blow your mind... AWAY!

The woman above the New York Midtown skyline at night is Neve Campbell... ^_^

Images used:

Neve Campbell: [link]

New York Midtown Skyline At Night: [link]

Heart Monitor Line Hitting Flat: [link]

The rest: Photoshop.

Enjoy! B-)
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BlueOceanNight Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
ForbiddenGhost-64 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011  Student General Artist
Good luck reading, buddy.
ForbiddenGhost-64 Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011  Student General Artist

I think that the movie would open with a narration by Patrick Stewart. He'd quote the text on the poster. (Have you seen Fringe? If not this is the sort of transition I think would happen between scenes that go with the lines of the narration. [link] The one at 0:13) There would be a shot of the Earth for the first line. Then there would be a transition to a pan all of the Scanner Girls. Then during the transition, you can see some of the girls disappear and it would go to all the rape and domestic violence victims but a space will be missing in the middle of them. When he says "tonight" a dramatic sound effect will play and it will have Neve sleeping on an operation table with a faint flatline sound effect in the background. He'll say the rest of the line and the camera will slow zoom rotate down to her face. After he says "There is no escape" There will be the pause and Neve will suddenly open her eyes and gleam blue when he says "You have been warned." Then it will cut to a medium shot of Neve suddenly sitting up from the operation table with the effect from 1:05 of the Fringe video and a rapidly beating heart monitor. Cut to black and the title will swoop in and behind it the heart monitor line will run across the screen and slow down to a regular heartbeat.
After the title it can have a " Six Months Earlier" Fade into a Downtown area with Neve trying to get to her apartment. When she gets to her room, there would be a thug and he'd attack and rape her. Later, when she gets out of the hospital, Patrick Stewart will be there and he'd request she join a "rehab program for rape and domestic violence victims". (Ha-ha! Just like his "school for gifted children") Neve is surprised by the grueling military-like exercises in the rehab program. This part could be a montage of the exercises and all the girls are struggling with them except for Neve and the other main girls.
Neve becomes close friends with Brianna who is a domestic violence victim during the program. Then all the girls get separated into groups. The girls who couldn't cut the program are sent to a different rehab center and there are three who pass: Neve, Brianna and Victoria. Patrick gives them a choice to also go to the new center or move on to become Scanners. The Scanner program implants robotic parts and AI into a woman. The AI allows the woman to “Scan” a person, which means they can invade another person’s mind and trigger certain nerves to gather information or mentally torture a person, while the robotic harness nuclear radiation that is sent straight into a victim, making their brains boil and their head explode. Patrick’s daughter was a rape victim who committed suicide because she was so traumatized by the experience. This made him very sympathetic towards women, especially rape and domestic violence victims. So he set up the Scanner Girls program to take down gangs and men who commit such crimes.
The three agree to become Scanner Girls and are taken to an abandoned military base re-occupied by the Scanners and the techs. Each are taken to operation rooms where they undergo intensive surgery to implant the AI and the weapons into their bodies and to give them resistance to nuclear radiation. Fade to black and then it has Neve waking up. She’s greeted by Patrick and Reese. Reese is to become Neve and Brianna’s mentor on how to use their Scanner powers, while Victoria is taken in by Michelle. But what they don’t know, is Michelle swore that when she had the power to, she’d wipe every man off the face of the planet, including Patrick and innocent men that did nothing wrong, so she trains her students to think this way as well and kill in the most malicious ways possible. After more training montages, the five main girls are sent after Morgan Freeman, who runs a gang notorious for raping, kidnapping and murdering women. On the mission, Neve and Brianna notice that Victoria is very different from when they first met her. They clear out a lot of gang members but Morgan and his second in command escape. Michelle is angry for losing him. Through her rage, her intentions become clear and she kills Patrick when they get back to base. Michelle gathers her students and defect from the program. Brianna, Neve and Reese agree they must stop her and gather the remaining Scanners to go after Michelle and her students, Morgan's gang and the other evil men of the world.
MrAngryDog Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Professional General Artist
my reaction ---> :popcorn:

It was that cinematic. B-)

Although I couldn't picture Morgan Freeman as a bad guy because he has that gentle, laid-back, grandfatherly demeanor, let's make him a good guy along with Patrick Stewart and put Ice Cube in place of Morgan's bad guy role. Other than that, IT WAS TERRIFIC! :)
ForbiddenGhost-64 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Student General Artist
Sounds good! That'd be pretty cool with a Patrick and Morgan team up!
I was just thinking Morgan Freeman could be a gang leader from his performance in Wanted.

:bow: Thank you so much! This was really fun to write!
MrAngryDog Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Professional General Artist
you are welcome so much! B-) :)
It is always a pleasure to work with you and get your awesome commentary and storyboard layouts ^_^
Oh, you want to see the cast of Freddy Vs. Superman? :D
ForbiddenGhost-64 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Student General Artist
Thank you! Pleasure to work with ya too!

And Hell yeah I would like to see the cast!
MrAngryDog Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Professional General Artist
Okay, here's what I got for Freddy Vs. Superman. The narration will open with Freddy Krueger, then followed by Jor-El. Tell me what you think!

Freddy Vs. Superman

Cast, Main Characters:

Rebecca Gayheart: Amanda Krueger
Robert Englund: Freddy Krueger
Malcolm McDowell: Jor-El
Lauren Graham: Lara
Mila Kunis: Young Lois Lane
Jennifer Morrison: Lois Lane
Tom Welling: Superman/Clark Kent
Courtney Cox: Ma Kent
Hugh Jackman: Pa Kent
Nathan Kress: Young Clark Kent
James Garner: Perry White
Chad Michael Murray: Jimmy Olsen
R. Lee Ermey: Army General
Laurence Fishburne: Newscaster
Benjamin Salisbury: Air Force One Pilot
Udo Kier: Lex Luther
William Forsythe: Otis
Mickie James: Eve Teschmacher
Glenn Close: Vond-Ah
Felissa Rose: Lana Lang
Gary Oldman: General Zod
Tyler Mane: Non
Aimee Garcia: Ursa
Lucy Lawless: Caelum The Dream Guardian*

*Caelum is an ethereal woman who was discovered one night outside of Superman's Fortress of Solitude.
At first glance, her spirit is seen as a beautiful, sparkling, prismatic glowing light encased in
ice. She emerges once Freddy Krueger begins his killing spree on the night when the house from Springwood, Ohio's
1428 Elm Street is moved from the neighborhood into an unsuspecting neighborhood within Metropolis.
It is also rumoured that Freddy Krueger's boiler room lair is set up in the bowels of the Daily Planet...
But those who chose to work late are in for a rude awakening. Caelum is also the one who aids Superman
in developing a strong tolerance to Kryptonite in the event that Freddy Krueger tries to attack him
with it in large doses, his (Superman's) tolerance will be so strong that his weakness to Kryptonite
will simply be a thing of the past.

The Kids:

Emma Roberts: Lisa Noland
Madeline Zima: Erica Vaughn
Rachel Stevens: Beth Williams
Lindsay Lohan: Jade Benton
Monica Keena: Lori Campbell
Danny Masterson: Corbin
Miranda Cosgrove: Stalking Kitten*
Leon Thomas III: Gary Smith

*Stalking Kitten is the only one who Freddy cannot defeat because of her valor and ability to take on her Native American animal persona-- a vicious, ravenous, razor-clawed, sharp-toothed black tiger. She is of Apache Indian ancestry.
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