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Jane Richardson attended Los Angeles High School as a teenager, majoring in music. Her other favorite classes were carpentry (which would explain why she worked at Lowes Hardware), science, and chemistry. Mary Vaughn's favorite class was history because even when she was a teen, she was a history buff. Mary also majored in Home Economics. Despite being a very nerdy girl and harassed by certain people, Mary was also very sweet and warmhearted. One day, in chemistry class, Jane was paired up with Mary, and didn't waste anytime welcoming her company. Out of kindness, Jane helped Mary whenever she had problems or had trouble doing something, and every teacher adored Jane because she was so selfless to not only Mary, but other students who needed help. Before recess, Mary was out in the hallway with an armload of books, putting her stuff up and getting ready to head to gym, which prompted a group of mean rich girls to give her a hard time, and to dispatch an infuriated Jane who didn't hesitate in asserting her dominance and scaring them off. Jane looked at her future honey who was on the floor, crying, and took pity on her. After getting her glasses back, Mary saw her savior standing before her... Jane. Jane immediately fell in love with Mary and soon after paid for her lunch.
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Sweet backstory! :)
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I love this it's adorable <3
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That's cute ^_^
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